Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Painting

I went to the doctor yesterday and there were some problems with my insurance. I was very upset as I do have to go to the doctor at least every 3 months because of the medications that I need. Well my doc stepped up and got me in to see him through the urgent care clinic in his office. That wasn't the first time that he has gone out of his way to make sure that I get the quality care that I need. I have decided to do something very special for him. I thought that I would share the drawing of what I am going to paint for him. I hope that I will have the painting done by my next visit to his office.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fairy Journal

I have joined a group that is making fairy journals. You can find the group here. I have made a paper doll (fairy) to represent my muse. Her name is Starlight. I also created an envelope for her to live in and attached it to the inside of a journal where I will create with drawings and writing to track what I am learning from Starlight. It is a great group and I am having a lot of fun! I haven't quite finished my journal... I'm not sure what I want to finish the front of the journal with yet, but once I finish it I will share pictures of it with you.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eagle Painting

I've been really busy with my art!

I created a painting of an eagle for my brother in law. I just finished it the other day. It is now hanging in his bedroom and he is a very happy camper...lol.

I'm working on a painting of the Red Wings logo for my father in law. I will post that as soon as I get it done.

I'm also creating a journal for this year and working on several paintings that will be posted as soon as they are done.

Her is a picture of the eagle painting that I just finished.